Manifattura Rosati

Synthetic and natural fibers knitted fabrics production

Manifattura Rosati Spa was founded by Renato Rosati in 1969. With his death in 1996, company management passed into the hands of his sons. Located in the Macrolotto industrial park of Prato, its three partners employ a staff of some 35 persons and draw on thirty years of experience in producing woven fabrics of synthetic and natural threads.
Its internal weaving division and 30 machines for different finenesses enable the firm to give quick and constant answers to fashion market demands and those of an increasingly more select group of clients.
Supported by its managing and technical staff and all of production personnel, Manifattura Rosati Spa has become an important point of reference for firms and labels of worldwide fame. The firm’s administrative department uses a computer system enabling prompt and efficient client order status verification.